Flávia Mudesto

TracedCunt is a participatory performance consisting of several actions distributed on different days. It proposes a queer approach on how dealing with the friction between individual and collective traumas.

It has at its centre the idea of an anti-sacrifice of a body part, in which a process of re-appropriation of art and the aesthetic possibilities of different body parts becomes a process of healing.

To cover up an epithelial scar with a new body of pigment.

To re-signify a local-level memory is the goal and purpose of each performance.

To address the reconfiguration/de-configuration of mainstream gender/power relations through the body.

Converging rituals from different kinds, TracedCunt creates a body/site-specific that intends to redesign a canvas – the body – content to redesign and transform a canvas that has previously been appropriated before by historical, social and psychological implications, with violent consequences.

The final performance of TracedCunt took place at the opening of Queering the KHM on 9 June.

Credits Flávia Mudesto

Door Ellend

Invited Artists  Adel Hashemi / Denice Bourbon / Mauricio Ianês

Figurine Luiza Furtado

Video Stefan Eggenweber & Vienna Struggle

Sound & Light Set Up Vienna Struggle

Photography Luiz Lima & Raphael Webhofer