Sarah Tasha Hauber

I work with performance art, cabaret, drag, and digital art in the context of social media. For this I use memes, pop music, and trends, sabotage beauty filters and refract expectations about what is social media content and what is fine art.

The themes I work on cover political and social subjects, the Covid-19 pandemic and its psychological repercussions, gender expression, mental health, algorithms, and digital ideals of beauty. I lip-synch to pop songs and trending TikTok sounds.

I work with humour in the form of sketches, Internet memes, shitposts, and parodies of social media trends. I use the face filters installed on the app to alienate my face – sabotaging beauty filters and visualizing them though exaggeration, or by creating an avatar of myself.

The video works will be published on the Tiktok channel
of Kunsthistorisches Museum during Pride Month.

Credits Sarah Tasha Hauber

Website www.sarahtasha.com

Instagram @iamsarahtasha

Tik Tok @iamsarahtasha