Heti Prack

The Baroque invents the infinite work...

Gilles Deleuze 1988 The Fold.

The sculpture Plug-in can no longer be exhibited due to damage. A blank space has therefore appeared within the exhibition Queering the KHM. What remains are few photos and the ideas that the work stood for. 

A Baroque machine, a machine of folding against simplicity! Manifold virtualities pour into every crack... plug-in installing! Software that folds hardened hardware, unfolds new realities, draws streaks through hard facts. The folds seem to leave their carriers, fabric, granite and wool.... Gender Hack! Unfolding structures. The unfolding of a lymphatic system - detoxification and confusion. For the fold afflicts ... the mountains and the water, the papers and the fabrics, the living tissues, the brain …


Credits Heti Prack


Instagram @heti_prack

Text in collaboration with Julia Grillmayr