Alexandru Coșarcă

“I have to fight for my gay-justice, I have to protect my mirror image! How can I protect happiness without being evil?”

With his all-encompassing tenderness, strength without fear of getting hurt, and a brave “Yes”, Coșarcă transforms himself into a queer knight, donning his armour to roam the galleries of Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

In eight chapters Coșarcă walks through the museum to take a stand. Wearing a transformative armour between cyborg and mother, between sound, video, and speech performance, Alexandru Coșarcă wants both to protect himself and break a lance for the queer community.


The performance HAPPYMETAL took place on 23 June 2022 at 6pm & 8pm as part of Queering the KHM.


Credits Alexandru Coșarcă

Instagram @alexandru.cosarca